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ACES 2.0Aeronautical Content Exploitation System

Authentication Help for ACES 2.0

ACES 2.0 use GEOAxIS to authenticate users with its system. Unauthenticated users will automatically be redirected to the GEOAxIS login portal when they attempt to access ACES 2.0 (Figure 1). The user must have a valid GEOAxIS account to access the application.

There are three types of GEOAxIS users that can access the application:

  • CAC/PKI Certificate Users
  • Disadvantaged Users
  • Austere Users

More information about each user type is provided at the GEOAxIS login portal, or via the GEOAxIS site.

geoaxis portal Figure 1: GEOAxIS Login Portal

Upon reaching the site, the user will be redirected to GEOAXiS login portal (Figure 1). The user must choose the appropriate login technique for their access. Typically, the user will click the PKI Certificate button (Preferred CAC Certificate is DOD EMAIL), and be prompted to enter their CAC pin. After entering their pin, the user should be returned to the login screen.

Once the user has authenticated via GEOAxIS they will be redirected back to the ACES 2.0 application, and toast should appear validating that the log in was successful.

Verify GEOAxIS Credentials

If at anytime the user needs to verify their permissions, or credentials in the ACES 2.0 application, they can use the following links to provide more information about their user account:

  • User Profile: A human readable output of the user's GEOAxIS and ACES 2.0 account. This view displays all details about the user that ACES 2.0 relies upon.
  • Data login: This is a data only view of the current user's ACES 2.0 account. It lists information regarding user name, CAC details and roles the users possess within the ACES 2.0 application context.